Jug Jug Jeeve By Gulzaar Chhaniwala

jug jug jeeve mp3 song download

Jug Jug Jeeve Mp3 Song Download Details By Gulzaar Chhaniwala:

Here is surprise for your from Gulzaar Chhaniwala, he has released his new song Jug Jug Jeeve Mp3 which is now available for you to stream on YouTube or to download it from this website. As usual, this new song is also written/directed/composed by one and only Gulzaar Chhaniwala himself. We will provide you the link below for Jug Jug Jeeve Mp3 Song Download in High Quality.

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The story of the songs start with Gulzaar and his friends finding a way to enter in his ex-girlfriend marriage party. They entered in the party with cloths of some band peoples and start singing their love story. The hook line of the song is Jug Jug Jive Tera Yaar mp3 song download which means that may you live long and your new boyfriend/husband too.

In the whole song he remind his ex-girlfriend every moment they enjoyed together. At the end of the song as usual he put a dialogue and said that she will know the real mean of relations now and he will still enjoy his life being single.

This Song is total madness. It’s a party song and it is playing well on wedding parties and clubs too. The song is trending on YouTube getting viral on almost all social media platforms. People are liking giving the song a huge love.

Jug Jug Jive Song Download Lyrics:

Ae Kya Te Char Challe Aali
Tanne Le Gayi Ghal Ke x 2

Ae Mera Roway Sawraaj Khada Killa Mein

Ae Tanne Jud Ke Ne Aap Laal Chuda Le Liya
Ae Mera Pyar Tha Khindaya Kya Te Killa Mein

Ae Ja Ae Jug Jug Jeeve Tera Yaar
Ke Tu Vi Jug Jug Jee Liye x

Ja Ae Mar Gaya Ae Tera Gulzaar Sunn Le

Hey Char Maare Pegg Neat Motor Aale
Paani Mein Soda Aap Karke

Ho Din Mein Toh Yaaran Gel Paadoon Chale
Raatan Ne Royun Yaad Karke x 2

Ho Beche Kille Jo The Balka Jiyu Paale Laadle
Unne Dikhe Na Aashuyan Khale Laadle
Chhaniwale Leke Baithi Jaguar

Ke Tu Vi Jug Jug Liye
Ja Ae Jug Jug Jeeve Tera Yaar
Ke Tu Vi Jug Jug Jee Liye

Ja Ae Mar Gaya Ae Tera Gulzaar Sunn Le

Maine Puchha Kya Te Chhod Diya
Boli Second Wala Suthara Se
Ae Yo Bhi Toh ye Manash Se
Saala Ke Jannat Se Utra Se
Mere Pise Paachhe Karde
Boli Tod Ke Daanche Dhar Dyungi

Ke Kahe Madam!

Ho Mujhe Raat Raat Ka Time Do Bhaiyan
Kal Hi Paachhe Kar Dyungi x 2

Pher Ke Hoya Laadle?

Maarke Block Boli Jee Le Laadle
Maara Ho Gaya Se Talak Ji
Ho Gaya Se Talak Ji

Kiyu-kar Bhulu Main WhatsApp Aali
Mithi Mithi Raatan Ki Wa Baat Ji
Raatan Ki Wo Baat Ji x 2

Ae Mera Ramphal Ke Ghat Salmaan Te
Je Taane Yo Hi Kaalu Biyahna Tha
Dil Tod Ke Bhagaan Ka Plan Tha
Toh Laado Dil Nai Laana Tha
(Nai Laana Tha) x 2

Bahot Khel Khel Liye Madam
Asli Rishtan Ka Tanne Ibb Bera Paatega
Arr Yaar Ka Ke Sai, Yaar Toh Chhada Se
Niyu Ae Kaache Kaatega Landa Laa Le
Ram Ram!

Ho Gulzaar Dekh Agli Sai Taiyaar
Ki Tu Vi Jug Jug Jee Liye

Ja Ae Jug Jug Jeeve Tera Yaar
Ki Tu Vi Jug Jug Jee Liye x 2

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